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Wooden Story

Montessori 1 Part Stand Tray with Flash-Card Holder: With sand 400g

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Montessori 1 Part Sand Tray with Flash-card Holder Wooden Montessori Tray forpracticing the ability to write letters, numbers and shapes, matching objects to flashcards, creating full words. The child uses a finger or the includedwooden pencil for this purpose. You can also use sand as well as rice, sugar, flour or grains forwork. The tray is great for playing with play dough, clay or dough to build anything that achild's imagination can create. Thesetincludes: a card holder and one large section for placing sand and a wooden pencil. Wooden balls and sand not included in the price of the tray. Dimensions;length 22 cm x width 14.5cm. Packed in an ecological cotton case that can be used as, for example, a pencil case.