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Taylored Toys

Wooden Sensory Bin Tool Kit

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Sensory play encourages tactile play and exploration, allows kids to feel textures and shapes, and helps develop creativity and self-regulation. Adding tools can help develop fine-motor skills such as pouring, scooping, and hand-eye coordination. Standard tool kit includes: - 1 wood bowl (2.5” wide) - 1 wood plate (2.5” wide) - 1 wood cup (1.75” wide, 2” tall) - 1 wood spoon (3.5” long) - bamboo tongs - 3” wood scoop - Large wood bean pot with lid (2 5/8” tall) Deluxe kit includes everything above, plus: - 3.5” round scoop - 5” honey dipper - Jumbo wood box with lid (2 5/8” tall) Great open-ended toys for pretend kitchen play, tea parties, potion play and more! Comes with canvas drawstring bag for storage. **Items can be a choking hazard and are not intended for kids under 3 or those that may put things in their mouth